As sun-starved Londoners make their first foray out into the light, Soho’s most innovative gelateria and burrito joint, Comboco (, is celebrating the late arrival of British summer with the UK’s ever Breakfast Gelato Menu.

Located in the heart of Soho on D’Arblay Street, moments away from Soho Square,
Comboco have crafted the ideal morning boost, hangover cure and inexcusably wicked way to start the day, brightening up week-day mornings and soothing sore Friday heads of industrious Londoners from 9am every morning of the week.

Mother always urged us to eat our breakfast up, now there’s no excuse to shirk what is often the least inviting meal of the day. Forget that dry bowl of oatmeal and sate your inner child with a creamy ball of breakfast indulgence, using only the best ingredients and with organic milk sourced from London dairy farmers.


• Cereal Milk Gelato
Our cousins over the pond in NYC have embraced Cereal Milk as the hottest new flavour – the sweet, starchy milk lapped up after you’ve drained the last few puffs of cereal from your bowl. It’s quickly gaining cult status here in the UK too and what better way to try this foodie favourite than in an innovative frozen form!

• Pancakes & Maple Syrup Gelato
Americans have gluttonous breakfast down. The US is repped by the ultimate in toothsome cakey ice cream, swirled with luscious maple syrup.

• Toast with Whipped Butter Gelato
Breakfast isn’t breakfast without toast, and a meal isn’t a meal without butter; the dream-team is united in a sweet, rich and salty gelato for a satisfying morning fix, minus the burnt bits.

• Frozen Yoghurt with Granola
For those on a diet *ahem*, here’s the lighter option! Diners can spoon down their favourite breakfast essential in good conscience with this crunchy and silky smooth ‘fro-yo’ topped with homemade granola.

• Bloody Mary Sorbet
There are few more bracing starts to the day than a piquant Bloody Mary; the pre-lunch cocktail is reimagined as an ice cool tomato sorbet, spiked with Tabasco and a heady hit of Worcestershire Sauce.

• Double Espresso Gelato
Who said the morning’s caffeine fix had to be in a tiny cup? Customers can put some rocket fuel into their day with this rich coffee ice cream, made using the finest Sumatran coffee beans.

This is a breakfast that will make Londoners smile, the movement for ‘ice cream at breakfast’ has arrived at last and Comboco are leading the way (pyjamas optional).

Ever creating original, enticing gelato flavours, Comboco have taken their favourite breakfasts to the ice cream bowl for summer. They believe in offering unrivalled choice and the chance to truly experiment with fresh, innovative and unique ice creams. Inquisitive Londoners will delight in the café’s eccentric varieties such as the rich Avocado, Pear and Gorgonzola, the mind-boggling Scrambled Eggs and the opulent Truffle Oil & Mushroom Gelato, alongside more traditional flavours, such as Bronte Pistachio, Kentish Strawberry and Madagascan Vanilla.

About Comboco:

Only the very best goes into making these exotic gelato; despite the unusual varieties, they have created a gelato recipe that is simple, to ensure that it tastes as unadulterated and as much like the raw ingredient as possible. Comboco’s inimitable approach has been building a buzz, with their reputation for excellence and innovation winning them a spot to create special flavours for the Pacha launch for River Island.

The highest quality components are used to ensure the gelato’s flavour is maximised; organic milk is sourced from London dairy farmers as the base, alongside the optimum accents: pistachio from Bronte, Sicliy; hazelnuts from Piedmont, Italy and coffee made from Sumatran coffee beans.

Founded by ex-City worker, Ashish Saggar, who’d eaten his fair share of bland sandwiches over his 10 year stint in Accountancy, Comboco was formed to revolutionise the dreary sandwich café market in London. Ashish’s inspiration comes from his father, a true food legend who set up the very first salad bars 15 years ago. In Ashish’s words, “I am still learning from him and my customers. They both are ever helping tweak this simple idea to ensuring that my patrons get the best food for great value”.

1 scoop priced at £3.00, 2 scoops are £3.50, and 4 will set you back £4.50
All ice creams are available to take away, 0.5l tubs are £7.50 and 1l tubs are £15.00

Opening Hours:
09:00am – 10:00pm Monday to Friday
10:30am – 10:00pm on Saturdays
12:00pm – 10:00pm on Sundays

8 D’Arblay St, London W1F 8DP


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