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London Social 101 was recently invited to review the Salon Confidential clip-in hair extensions.

Created by Celebrity Hair Stylist Stephanie Stevenson, Salon Confidential clip-in Hair Extensions assured me that they create an abundance of volume, gloss and bounce that we all desire. The big sell.

I’d just had my hair dyed very blonde so requested a colour match in Silky Straight.

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When they arrived I was pleasantly surprised, they really matched my colour and felt so soft. They were also so easy to use.

I simply blow-dried my hair and straightened as normal, the sectioned off my hair so that I just had a small section down at the bottom of my hair line. I twisted the hair into three sectioned and clipped the extensions into place. I think repeated this moving up my hair line in 0.5cm intervals.

Here is my hair after:

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Salon Confidential Hair Extensions come in 3 styles which include; Volume Wave, Bouncy Curl and Silky Straight. No curling, straightening or blow-drying needed. All 3 styles come in 17 multi-tonal colours. They emulate the look and feel of natural hair, blend with virtually any hair colour seamlessly, and they don’t ‘drop’ if caught out in the rain!

The Salon Confidential range are made from a unique modafibre material which gives retailers the perfect ethical traceability they require, but also in doing this the hair extensions remain pre-styled in three different styles to a permanently high end glossy salon finish. Resulting in less work for stylists and perfect results every time for customers. The consumer can choose for less gloss by adding dry shampoo to the hair extensions.

Full Set – RRP £45
Salon Confidential Hair Extensions come with 12 individual clips at 18 inches long and are the equivalent to a full head of hair. A full set gives the same weight of hair and finish as a full £2000 set of salon applied hair extensions. There is no curling, straightening or blow-drying needed, literally ‘Clip & Go’ for instant glamour.

‘On The Go’ – RRP £28
Salon Confidential ‘On The Go’ Hair Extensions come with 6 individual clips and are perfect for creating new on-trend styles such as the chignon or side-braid. They are ideal for a customer who would like to try hair extensions for the first time as they are completely affordable.

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