On Thursday 5th September Ian Schrager unveiled a creative partnership with online art boutique s[edition] to celebrate the launch of The London EDITION. British artist Mat Collishaw has created an exclusive piece which can be viewed on Berners Street; in the lead up to the launch from Sep 5th-Sep 11th before the hotel opens on September 12th. A gleaming 3D diamond is placed in the lobby’s glass vestibule; Collishaw’s work Prosopopoeia combines some of the artist’s most iconic imagery while taking on a new perspective, speaking with a new voice.




‘Generally I make artworks for myself and the people who see them. (For Prosopopoeia) I’ve given a voice to the Hotel.’ – Mat Collishaw.


EDITION has also mailed out the art work as an exclusive gift to friends of the international brand, celebrating Schrager’s imminent return to London after 15 years. The London EDITION is the latest offering from EDITION Hotels, the brand he conceived in a partnership with Marriott International.


EDITION Hotels combines the personal, intimate, individualised and unique hotel experience that Schrager is known for, with the global reach, operational expertise and scale of Marriott. As with all EDITION hotels, each one is a cultural epicentre and a microcosm of the best each city has to offer. Each is a portal into the essence of the city; and digs under the surface of what the city is about. Working with an artist like Mat Collishaw EDITION is able to establish itself among the cultural leaders within the world of luxury travel.


s[edition] aims to turn screens into art by offering  contemporary art enthusiasts the opportunity to buy original art, at affordable prices, directly from this innovative online platform. The art is sold as digital limited editions to be viewed on connected TVs, iPads, iPhones and digital screens at home or on the move. s[edition] already offers works by the world’s most recognised artists such as Damien Hirst, Shepard Fairey, Tracey Emin, Yoko Ono, Elmgreen & Dragset, and Bill Viola among others. They also commissioned Tracey Emin’s Times Square Midnight Moment; which saw Emin’s ‘I Promise to Love You’ being projected onto all main screens in the NY landmark in the three minutes leading up to midnight.


Both EDITION Hotels and s[edition] share a forward thinking creative vision; which they hope to keep renewing for years to come.



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