Yes it’s Halloween weekend, but perhaps you are choosing to celebrate A La Mexicana and incorporate traditional ‘Day of The Dead’ festivities in to your theme- ain’t no celebration without Tequila so who better than El Jimador to give us their top tips on throwing a Dia de Muertos house party?

So to start you’ll need…

Ofrenda (Altar)

The ofrenda, or alter, is the focal point of any Day of the Dead celebration. This is where pictures, personal possessions and even favorite food items of passed loved ones are displayed. As you create your ofrenda, be sure to incorporate bursts of bright colors to give it a ‘wow factor.’ Surround your ofrenda with marigolds or paper flowers and votive candles to dress it up.


Time to embrace our favourite Snapchat filters…As the traditional flower in honor of passed loved ones in Mexico, marigolds are everywhere during Day of the Dead celebrations and your party should be no exception. Arrange the flowers around your ofrenda and place them on tables around the room to add pops of color throughout your party. Allow guests to make headbands out of the flowers to dress up their costumes and get them involved in the fun.

Calacas (Skeletons)

Calacas are another staple for any great Day of the Dead party. Make them part of the crowd by hanging them around the room. You can find all different types of calacas at your local party supply store along with other Day of the Dead themed party favors and decorations.

Face Painting

Face painting is a huge part of Day of the Dead symbolism. You can encourage everyone to arrive with face paint already applied, or set up a face painting station at the party to let guests have some fun and be creative as a group. Turn it into a contest for best face paint and have the crowd pick a winner.

Take inspiration from this Sugar Skull tutorial from one of my fave vloggers, Lisa Potter-Dixon head make-up artist for Benefit Cosmetics:


Day of the Dead is a celebration, so keep the music for your party lively and upbeat. Create a themed playlist by searching “Day of the Dead” or “Dia de los Muertos” on your favorite streaming service.


El Jimador Day of the Dead signature cocktails are sure to satisfy any crowd and pitchers of el Jimador margaritas are perfect for a group. Be sure to offer some additional non-alcoholic options for those designated to drive. 

image-2-el-diablos-palomaCalaveras Margarita

1.5 oz. el Jimador Tequila

1 oz. Blood orange liqueur

2 oz. Limeade juice

Mix all ingredients and pour into a rocks glass with ice. Garnish with a lime and blood orange wheel.

El Diablo’s Paloma

1.5 oz. el Jimador Tequila

0.5 oz. Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur

1 oz. Blackberry puree

2 oz. Grapefruit soda



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