Whisky & Bourbon bar launches for London Design Festival
14th – 22nd September 2013

In celebration of its recent launch in the UK market, award-winning U.S. based design incubator Teroforma (www.teroforma.co.uk), creators of Whisky Stones® beverage cubes and an array of thoughtfully crafted objects for the table, kitchen, bar and home, will launch Colonial Common at London Design Festival (14th-23rd September), a nine day American whiskey and bourbon bar experience, combining whiskey tastings and cocktails with bluegrass music, low-country cooking and high design.

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In support of Teroforma’s brand focus on “creating objects which bring people together,” Colonial Common is an experience-rich bar, tasting room, and design shop which invites show-goers to celebrate all the uncommonly intriguing aspects of the American small-batch bourbon and sipping whisky culture as it touches down in Shoreditch during the Festival for the delight and merriment of all in common.

Founded in 2006 by American-Swedish husband and wife team Anna and Andrew Hellman, Teroforma’s unique business model is all about connecting people through the products they make – whether that’s around the table at home or through the products themselves and into the stories of those who created them. The Colonial Common extends this theme by bringing together all those connected to the wild world of American whiskey – from those who make it to those who make products for it, from those who enjoy it to those who write music about it.


Tapping into the burgeoning fascination with bourbon and US whiskies at a timely point in their ascendancy in the UK, Colonial Common is thematically a way to re-present the famous “spirit” of the British Isles back to its inventors, with an American flair.

An evolving space set in the heart of the Shoreditch Design Triangle, Colonial Common will be a speakeasy bar, a product showcase, culinary tasting room and creative design hub.
Colonial Common will host experience-driven events each day from live bluegrass bands such as;

Lands End Trio (www.landsendbluegrassband.com), The Barker Band(www.barkerband.com); Foodtrucks and partners such as; Paxton Chocolate (www.paxtonchocolate.com), Beard to Tail (www.beardtotail.co.uk), Joe’s Southern Chicken (www.joessouthernkitchen.co.uk), Anna Mae’s (www.anna-maes.com) to whisky and bourbon tastings and cocktails from select bartenders at Aqua at the Shard (www.aquashard.co.uk), Lockhart (www.lockhartlondon.com), Beard to Tail (www.beardtotail.co.uk), Milk and Honey (www.mlkhny.com), Joe’s Southern Chicken (www.joessouthernkitchen.co.uk) and Social Eating House (www.socialeatinghouse.com).

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With artisanship always at the heart of the Teroforma brand, the special guests to be showcased at Colonial Common have been chosen for their unique perspective, energy and talent, just like Teroforma’s own designers and producers.

Teroforma’s hand-carved Vermont soapstone beverage cubes, Whisky Stones, designed to perfectly chill cask-aged spirits without diluting or over-cooling the drink will feature alongside other products from the ‘family’, and limited edition pieces designed for Colonial Common.


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